High School of Performing Arts
(Year 7 - 12)

Arts High School is committed to providing a program that produces well rounded and highly developed individuals who seek a comprehensive academic education complimented by practical training in performing arts.

Our full-time high school students are enrolled in a registered educational provider, Virtual School Victoria. It is the largest State Government school allowing access to the curriculum set by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) online. VSV is widely used across Australia for gifted students who want to invest in supplementary education and training, like performing arts, while completing the standard Victorian curriculum.

We provide a safe and purposeful environment which students can confidently explore and engage with both an artistic and academic education. Currently, in the State of Victoria, there is no training institution that offers a high-school program like ours. While other performance schools focus on one particular creative discipline, we train our young students to be skilled in all facets of the performing arts industry.

Upon completion, Arts High School students have a broad range of skills to give them a head start in our full-time performing arts tertiary courses.