Professional Development

Designed for young DANCE-performing arts students (AGES 7 - 18)

The Professional Development squad is for young dancers aged 7-18 years who are driven to achieve something special out of their dancing. It is an after school program training students in all styles of dance . We offer classes for all ages with a focus on technique, fitness, confidence , creativity and fun performing opportunities.

The program it designed for young students looking for a creativity outlet and well as dancers looking to achieve bigger goals and dreams of developing their talent.

Our Development courses produce a fully rounded performer instilled with confidence  , artistic and athletic ability, that often drives further ambitions . 

The squad names of our Professional Development program are named after three Alumni students who completed this program and now have very successful careers in the performing arts industry both in Australia and overseas. We are so proud of the success that has come out of this program and we know students of the future will be proud to be part of these squads.

Scanlan, 7-12 years old – Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday 

Davis, 13-15 years old – Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday 

Dinardo, 16-18 years old – Monday / Wednesday / Saturday